The Open Sourcery Podcast

Amazing people doing awesome things with Open Source

Previously known as the WP Hacker Cast.

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The Open Sourcery Podcast
Open Sourcery - Episode 2 - Mika Epstein

About the show

In the last 5 years since I discovered the Open Source communities, I’ve met some amazing, inspiring people. This show is my attempt to record their stories, while also learning from them, and their unique experiences. Sometimes the topics we discuss can be hard to process, but they are always important and I learn from every single one of my guests.

Meet the Host

Jonathan Bossenger

A software developer from Cape Town, South Africa, Jonathan has a passion for open source software, personal growth, and diversity and inclusion.

Jonathan is the Development Lead at Castos, where he works with a distributed team with a desire to create the best podcast hosting and analytics experience for anyone wanting to start a podcast.