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Today, I turned 46. I’m now officially on the wrong side of the downward slope towards 50. 🤣

In the past, I’ve always blogged about how I feel about turning another year older. This year, I want to share what I did on my birthday.

I took the day off and spent it with my family.

In the morning Pam and I ran some errands, and then we shared a late breakfast at our local WCafé. If you’re ever in Cape Town, I recommend their flat white coffee and The Proper Breakfast! It’s properly good.

Enjoying a flat white while waiting on breakfast.

In the afternoon, after fetching the kids from their soccer clinic, we relaxed around the house, before going out to watch the new Pixar movie, Elemental. 8/10, I’d recommend it (but not my terrible selfie skills).

Finally, we wrapped up the evening with some homemade savoury mince nachos (one of my personal favourite meals) and a blue Gin and Tonic. Well, Pam’s was blue, I went with a plain tonic, but she takes all the nice photos.

All in all, a great way to celebrate another year around the sun!






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  1. Baki Avatar

    You have to taste life at every stage! Happy Birthday!

    1. Jonathan Avatar

      Thank you.

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