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Please take the state of WordPress developer tools survey

Update: The survey is now closed, and I will be publishing the results next week the results have been published.

In my work as a sponsored contributor to Learn WordPress, I often need to consider the environment that developers are working on. Are they using macOS, Windows, or a Linux distro? Do they use a specific local development environment? Which code editor are they using?

I figure the only way I’ll find this out, is if I ask WordPress developers to share their setup with me. And so here we are, the state of WordPress developer tools survey.

The survey

This survey is completely anonymous and takes 2 minutes to complete. I would really appreciate it if you could fill it in for me, as it will help me understand the WordPress developer tools landscape, and more accurately create educational content for developers on Learn WordPress.

The survey closes on 11 June 2023 at midnight, after which I plan to publish the survey results. Once the survey is closed, and the results published, I plan to delete the survey and any related data.

If you can’t see the embedded survey above, please use this direct link:






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