WordCamp Cape Town 2017

So last year I blogged about my list of resolutions for the new year. As with most resolutions it was a long list of the things I want to do differently in the new year, with very little grounding in reality. Reading that post now I can’t help wonder how I thought I was going to manufacture all that extra time!

Two days ago I sat staring at all the Make Slack channels I had joined in the course of the year and the realisation dawned that I was trying to keep too many fingers in too many pies when it comes to contributing to WordPress.  It struck me that I had to choose one (or maybe two) avenues within which I want to contribute back to WordPress this year and focus my spare time on those.

What I didn’t realise then, but I do now, was that I had already made the decision of what to focus on this year, merely by my actions last year, things that had already been set in motion during 2016. Once I realised that, it was very easy to leave all the other channels and look ahead to my journey with WordPress in 2017 with renewed purpose.  That purpose, building the community.

Which leads me to the real point of this article, an announcement I’ve been sitting on for a few weeks now and one that I’m happy now share with the world. I’ve applied (and been accepted) as the organiser for WordCamp Cape Town this year. It is a role I didn’t expect to take on until 2018 but circumstances have sent this my way and I’m happy to take on the challenge.

I’ll be blogging about my experiences here, mostly to record the journey from my own perspective but hopefully to educate and inspire others to either join, start or become a part of their own WordCamp’s around the world.

So here’s looking forward to WordCamp Cape Town 2017. Hopefully I’ll meet you there and we can share a WordPress story, or even just a coffee.





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  1. Mechiel Couvaras Avatar
    Mechiel Couvaras

    Awesome news Jonathan! It’s been great to see you grow your contributions within the WPSA community over the last 2 year. I think you will crush it! Looking forward to WCCT! All the best!

    1. Jonathan Avatar

      Thanks man, as I keep telling people, WordCamp changed my life, it’s time to give that back to someone else.

      1. Thabo Tswana Avatar

        My sentiments exactly, Jonathan! WordCamp definitely changed my life and opened up a whole new WordPress universe that I didn’t know existed.

        1. Jonathan Avatar

          Thabo, I love to hear that from other WordPressers. I didn’t make it this year but I hope to make it to WordCamp Harare next year 😉

          1. Thabo Tswana Avatar

            We hope you’re coming to speak for us, too 🙂

          2. Jonathan Avatar

            If I can make it you can bet I’ll be submitting a talk 😉

  2. Andrew Lima Avatar

    I have to agree with you guys! I’m already clearing my calendar for that month!

    1. Jonathan Avatar

      I think ‘lit’ is the modern vernacular you youngsters use these days

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