4 WordCamps in 4 Months

Last year at WordCamp I decided I would speak at the next one, this year I did just that. So when I heard that there would be 3 new WordCamps happening in Africa this year (one in Johannesburg, one in Nairobi and one in Harare) I decided on the spot I want to attend all three.

In deciding to do this I realised that, with my attendance of WordCamp Cape Town in September, I’d effectively be able to attend a total of 4 WordCamps in 4 months (Johannesburg in November and Nairobi and Harare in December). The downside (as always), finding the money to do it.

As a self employed developer finding $2000 – $3000 to cover flights, accommodation and general expenses for the three extra trips is not easy. As such I am reaching out to the greater community, in Africa and internationally, to assist me in my plan.

Over at Elegant Marketplace I developed a really small plugin (that was released for free) which simply adds a ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ link at the end of every blog post. For the month of November I’ve changed the pricing model to a ‘choose your own price’ option, with a minimum of $2 and a suggested price of $5. Elegant Marketplace has kindly offered to give me the full proceeds of the sale of this plugin for the month of November, waiving the usual management fees I pay for my other products.

If I can get 600 people to buy this plugin I’ll be able to cover the costs of my trips. Even if you never use the plugin, or you could really write one your own, I’d appreciate your support in making this trip possible.

You can read more about the trip and how it came about in my Elegant Marketplace blog post or you can just go ahead and buy the plugin here.






5 responses to “4 WordCamps in 4 Months”

  1. Terry Hale Avatar
    Terry Hale

    Congrats, Jonathan! Very exciting! Thanks for being open with your thoughts. I’m sure you will be a major speaker in Africa after next year!

    1. Jonathan Avatar

      Thanks Terry

      I am hoping (and planning) to attend WordCamp US next year. Maybe you’ll be able to attend as well? Would be great to meet some of my international colleagues.

      1. Terry Hale Avatar
        Terry Hale

        I’m sure I’ll be around for at least one WordCamp here in the US next year. No idea which one yet!

        But as far as *the* WordCamp US, then I am certainly hoping so. 🙂

  2. Emmanuel Avatar

    I am the organizer for WordCamp Nairobi and you are invited to come and experience Nairobi. Karibu 🙂

    1. Jonathan Avatar

      Thanks Emmanuel, I am trying to get there, I just need to organise the funds. Being self employed puts a limit on my ability to travel. However, if I don’t make it this year I do intend to try again next year.

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