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I’m a huge fan of simple plugins. My first plugin was a simple one. The Divi Image Overlay plugin was meant to do one thing, overlay an image onto another image with a nifty animation. Since it’s launch I’ve had one or two bugs to fix and a few requests to extend it further (which will turn into other plugins later on) but it’s still my favourite plugin as it is and it’s doing reasonably well on Elegant Marketplace.

Simple plugins focus on one task and perform that task to the best of their ability are great. They’re quick to write, easy to maintain and you get what it says in the box. Some of the most popular WordPress plugins are simple ones.

So when my fellow South African and WordPress developer Andrew Lima released his When Last Login plugin I had to check it out.

When Last Login does what it says on the box. It adds a column to your users lists showing when last that user logged in. It also integrates with Paid Memberships Pro by adding a ‘Last Logged In’ column to the ‘Members List’, but as I don’t use PMP I’ll never know about it.

While it’s a simple plugin, its uses are plentiful. I forgotten how many times I have to prove to a client that they did in fact login to the site when they accuse me of not sending them login details or (on the other hand) showing the site owner that their product manager did in fact only login last a month ago, so there is no way he could have updated that product as he said he did and it’s not the CMS that lost that data.

Actually, now that I think about it, this plugin is more about managing people than anything else. Who knew plugins could help you do that?







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