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  • Extending WordPress

    Extending WordPress

    A guide to building your first plugin, presented at the WordPress Stellenbosch Meetup on 30 January 2019.

  • It’s just software! WP Builds chats to Matt Mullenweg about Gutenberg.

    It’s just software! WP Builds chats to Matt Mullenweg about Gutenberg.

    My friend Nathan over at the WP Builds podcast had the opportunity with chat with Matt Mullenweg about the pending WordPress 5.0 release and Gutenberg. Worth a listen if you are worried about the 5.0 release. While you are there, take a listen to the chat I had with Nathan regarding the GPL. Probably not […]

  • The Basics of a WordPress Theme

    The Basics of a WordPress Theme

    In the first part of my article on child themes I explained a little about the history of WordPress themes and child themes, what they are and why you should use them. After sharing the post in a couple of online groups I am a part of, I received a fairly good positive response to the topic […]

  • 5 SEO Mistakes to Avoid

    5 SEO Mistakes to Avoid

    A little background… Recently I was in the interesting position where plugin I had always used started giving me some hassles. For basic SEO functionality my go to install is the Yoast SEO plugin as it gives me the basic features I need and comes highly rated on WordPress.org. For my first client of the year I […]

  • Getting ready for 2016

    Getting ready for 2016

    Digital Resolutions. 2016 sees a new direction for me. For the first time since I started programming in 2004, I will be 100% self employed. This doesn’t mean that I have always been employed by a boss for the last 12 years. There were some attempts at working for myself in the past, but each time […]

  • Word Camp Cape Town 2015

    Word Camp Cape Town 2015

    So this year I was fortunate enough to attend my first Word Camp. I’ve been meddling (at best) with WordPress for the better part of the last decade, I’ve set up a few blogs and sites and even completed some custom development using WordPress as the base but I’ve never been someone who was ‘focused’ […]

  • Migrating from Drupal to WordPress

    Well, it finally happened. After months of frustration with Drupal as a blog tool, I gave up and decided it was time to move over to WordPress. I’m sure as a CMS system Drupal can be quite wonderful, but for running and managing a simple blog site, I have yet to come across a better […]