Building your own Divi Builder Modules

Divi Modules

I’ve recently been spending some time extending modules in the Divi Page Builder. I had a few requests from clients to either make changes to an existing module or create a new module with custom functionality. As always my first port of call was a Google Search. The results, while not abundant, did eventually lead me… Continue reading Building your own Divi Builder Modules

Divi Page Builder Cache

The latest versions of the Divi Page Builder includes very smart caching. This can sometimes lead to problems where users find they can’t add or delete rows or modules or use custom modules. Disclaimer: I’ve only really experienced this issue when developing module customisations. So this may not work for your specific Page Builder caching… Continue reading Divi Page Builder Cache

Stopping unresponsive programs in Ubuntu

This is a simple problem, with a simple solution. Which I will forget. Hence the post. The following command will list all running applications on a Linux system. The first two columns are the user running the application, and the applications program id or “pid”. Example output However, it would be ideal to search for… Continue reading Stopping unresponsive programs in Ubuntu

Tis the season…..

Its that time of year again, where we look forward to family gathering, presents and stuffing our faces with copious amounts of food. In the meantime, we have the PHP Advent Calendar, to count down the days to Christmas and learn some new PHP goodies for the new year.