10 Things I Hate About Ubuntu

I generally consider myself someone to be open to new experiences and prepared to consider both sides in any given discussion. This does sometimes mean that I may express opinions that are not popular. As Morten once reminded me so well, “The devil’s advocate advocates for the devil”, and he’s not wrong. After I posted… Continue reading 10 Things I Hate About Ubuntu

My freeCodeCamp Article on PHP Error Reporting

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Earlier this year I shared my professional goals for 2021. One of those goals was that I wanted to seek out more writing opportunities for other online publications. While the crux of that goal was to get paid to write more, sometimes an opportunity comes along that is worth more than money. Sometime in 2019,… Continue reading My freeCodeCamp Article on PHP Error Reporting

Professional Goals for 2021

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Yesterday I posted my personal goals for 2021. During the course of drafting that post, I realised I had some goals that were very specifically relevant to my career as a software developer, and therefore my ability to earn income, and some that were not. Those that were specific to my career, and either directly… Continue reading Professional Goals for 2021