Gutenberg – Day 2

This is probably going to be the shortest post I've ever written. I have nothing to say but I promised I would write a blog post per day for September using Gutenberg. This is that post for today.
Three's company
So here is a photo of myself, my wife Pamela and my son Ethan from about 3 years ago, this was (as far as I remember) the day we found out Luke was on his way. How much has changed since then…


    1. Haha thanks Leo. If nothing else it will give you a little more insight into how reckless I can tend to be.

  1. Interesting, the post notification in my email came through with the HTML entities showing instead of the smart quotes. Feature? LOL

    1. Interesting, I’d love to see what that looks like, it could be another issue we can log for the Gutenberg project on GitHub. One of the primary reasons I’ve decided to do this is to try and give good feedback to the team.

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