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Jonathan Bossenger.

I am an open source web developer from Cape Town, South Africa with over 12 years of industry experience. Initially a Windows application programmer, I discovered the world of open source software in 2004 and was hooked ever since. I have specific experience in PHP frameworks and content management systems, my favourite tools being CakePHP and WordPress.

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Child themes – what are they and why you should use them

Since joining the Divi community late last year I think the one topic I’ve seen asked about or discussed the most is the concept of child themes, mostly when it comes to editing the footer credits in a Divi built website. In this article I hope to give you a thorough understand of what a... read more

When Last Login review

I’m a huge fan of simple plugins. My first plugin was a simple one. The Divi Image Overlay plugin was meant to do one thing, overlay an image onto another image with a nifty animation. Since it’s launch I’ve had one or two bugs to fix and a few requests to extend it further... read more

Using anchor links to open accordions and tabs in Divi

Once of the more useful things about web design is the ability to use anchor tags (those things that create links to other pages or websites) to link to sections within the same page. Once clicked the page will jump to (or you can animate it) the content it is linked to.  This is achieved by... read more

Remembering ‘Why?’

It is said you should start with ‘Why?’ Over the past few weeks I’ve gone through some drastic changes in my life. These events have forced me to stop and evaluate why I do what I do and if it all makes sense. Please bear with me for a moment while I explain. About 2 and a half... read more

Some days I hate PHP myself

Some days I get why some developers hate on PHP Checking if a string exists in another string $string_found = stristr($text, $original_text); if( $string_found !== FALSE ) { // do stuff } instead of just being able to do $string_found = stristr($text, $original_text); if( $string_found ) { // do... read more
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