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Jonathan Bossenger.

I am an open source web developer from Cape Town, South Africa with over 12 years of industry experience. Initially a Windows application programmer, I discovered the world of open source software in 2004 and was hooked ever since. I have specific experience in PHP frameworks and content management systems, my favourite tools being CakePHP and WordPress.

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Making child themes part of your business development best practice.

In part one of this series on child themes, I discussed the hows and whys of child themes. Hopefully you understand what they are and why you should use them. In part two I want to discuss the various ways you can access or create child themes as well as show you some cool things you can do with a... read more

Please, copy my ideas!

An open letter to all Divi plugin developers: Please, copy my ideas! I am, first and foremost, an open source developer. That means I believe that if you have a piece of software, either purchased or obtained freely via open source repositories, you should be allowed to ‘study, change, and... read more

The definitive guide to calculating your billable rate

Recently on the WordPress South Africa Slack channel, a member asked the following question: “Can we talk pricing? How do you figure out how much to charge for WordPress Development? What factors influence your pricing?” A bunch of other freelancers (including myself) piped in and gave our... read more

The Basics of a WordPress Theme

In the first part of my article on child themes I explained a little about the history of WordPress themes and child themes, what they are and why you should use them. After sharing the post in a couple of online groups I am a part of, I received a fairly good positive response to the topic and my... read more

A peek inside the Atlantic Wave workshop

It’s not every day that I get really excited about a plugin I am working on. Don’t get me wrong, every plugin I develop is exciting, but more so from a ‘solving a puzzle’ or ‘fulfilling someone else’s requirement’ point of view. Granted, this is the reason... read more
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